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Meet The Nom Dudes

From California to New York, Nick and Johnross are two dudes with an appetite for exploration.

The Nom Dudes sole purpose is to bring a fun level of humor, passion for food and drinks combined with a relaxed approach.

They love meeting and learning from restaurants, chefs, mixologists to everyday diners like yourself.

Nick and Johnross are all about sharing these experiences with the world. They’ve been fortunate to work with partners from the Bay Area, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta to and even Queenstown, New Zealand.

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Johnross landed in Austin (by way of the Bay Area, CA) after he realized it would take too long to actually find the best breakfast tacos and margaritas in town. His energy comes from connecting with other passionate entrepreneurs and adventurous eaters who appreciate culinary creativity and unique business ideas as much as he does. On Sundays, you can find Johnross nomming on anything ranging from noodle soups to tacos to bubble teas.

Hailing from NYC, Nick made his way to ATX to find out what people actually do in Central Texas **EAT** Nick has a special place in his heart (and stomach) for TX barbecue, which is why he’ll put sauce on just about anything (seriously). When he’s not stuffing his face you can find him on the stair master or sweat off the noms only to go back for more. 

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Together, the Nom Dudes are on a mission to inform and delight the foodies of the world about the ins and outs of the food scene (or anywhere that will serve them).

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